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Citronella Naphthalene Bar

Feature: Insect Repellnt / Deodorant Fragrance: Rose/Lavender/Citronella Color: Pink/Purple/Green Appearance: Bar Type Application: Wardrobe / Toilet / Living Room / Storeroom / Luggage / Shoes Cabinet

Wash Tank Cleaner

* Special Ingredient PCS, effective cleaning washing machine tank. * Disinfect.Deodorant. * Mould Remove

Toilet Drain and Pipe Detergent

1.Super concentrated powder 2.High-efficiency formula 3.Effective dissolve dirt, food remain, residue in diran pipes. 4.Fresh air killing bacteria, remove bad smell and maintain good function of pipe and drain. 5.Recommend frequently use, to keep pipe and drain clean. 6.Non-corrosi

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I Ching Chemical Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified company dedicated to the manufacturing of mothballs and other in-door pest control products. I Ching mothballs are generally used in wardrobe, cabinets, storage area, and bathroom to repel insects and to prevent mildew and bad smell. With over 40 years of professional experience in the industry of pest control, I Ching is a leader in the market and continues with innovation in product design and packaging. I Ching provides products with excellent quality at reasonable price and has satisfied customers around the world.